But you were probably hoping for a little bit of back story, weren't you?

I stumbled into the wonderful world of copywriting in 2016, when moving around our little family every few months for my husband's graduate school made it impossible to work in a location-dependent job.

In addition to being a writer, I'm a practicing Massage Therapist, and I truly love helping people on their healing journey through massage. But I had to face the facts, and moving so frequently to new towns just wasn't allowing me to practice massage for the time being.

So I began looking into other ways to keep my "hands" in the natural health field, and copywriting for wellness entrepreneurs was a perfect fit.

Combining my insider knowledge of the wellness industry as a Massage Therapist with my writing skills learned as a Social Worker was a no-brainer, and Remedy Writing was born.

My husband is a Physician Assistant student on rotation at a variety of clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest, and our toddler and I are traveling along with him as he becomes a well-rounded provider. I prioritize my own wellness by making trail running, yoga, eating well, and spending time with my family a part of my daily routine.

That's a little bit about me, but what about you?

If you need...

  • Content that will gain not only your audience's attention but also their business.

  • High-quality, unique web copy and blog posts that will cultivate loyalty in your customers and position you as an expert they can return to for the advice they need.

  • Someone else to take the time to decide which topics will fit your audience best and write on them for you.

Then that's where I can help you out.

Write me a note below, let me know a little bit about your company and the project, and let's get started together!