Grow your revenue with a system that connects and converts.

Need a strategic copywriter for an upcoming launch or email marketing overhaul? 

Struggling to create a welcome email sequence, and need a pro to help you pull it together quickly?

Want an expert to tear apart your sales page (gently, of course!) and piece it back together again for more sales?

…Or have no clue what you need, but know you need to rent my brain to help you craft your messaging game plan?

You’re in the right place.

Because that’s exactly what these time-based packages are all about.

If you need high-converting copy (like, yesterday!), and you don’t want to wait in queue to book a full project with me (patience isn’t my strong suit, either!), a 90-minute Power Session or Half Day 3 hour Session is the perfect choice.

Rather than drafting a proposal and emailing back and forth for weeks, you could get on my calendar as quick as next week, and get thousands of dollars worth of value at a fraction of what my packaged custom projects cost.

I’m a conversion copywriter specializing in email sequences and Voice of Customer research. I help value-driven brands expand their reach with words that build connection, establish authority, and drive sales. 


What exactly does that mean in plain English?

If you use your expertise to help others, I’ll get your customers to buy more of what you offer and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BRAND.

I’ll help you confidently package up your insanely valuable services and products into high-ticket offers that increase the lifetime value of each customer with steady repeat business. 

I’ll cut your to-do list in half while putting the cha-ching in your wallet. 

But if you’re like me — and I sure hope you are, or you should probably close this window and get back to watching cat videos on YouTube while you plot world domination — then your definition of “success” is about WAY more than just money.

Money is simply an outward reflection of your products’ value to your customer, and serving that very customer is my Priority Numero Uno when we work together. 

Because at the core of everything I do is Empathy-Driven Connection.

Listen first, Listen well, then Act decisively.

So if you’re looking for spammy sales strategies and icky tactics?

Move along, please.

I only work with clients who want to use #FeelGoodMarketing to grow their revenue and brand authority.

Choose an option to work with me 1-on-1:

Need a custom project quote or want Margo to speak to your group? Click Here

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In which I read your mind and answer the nosey questions you’re too shy to ask:

How do you know if it’ll be enough time to cover everything I want to do?

These time-based projects are guaranteeing you my time and expertise, not a specific deliverable. If we don’t finish everything on the call, you can always book another one. I offer discounts on packages of 3 Day sessions after you’ve finished your first one.

Do we actually stay on the phone together for 6 full hours?

Worried you’ll get sick of me so soon? :) First, I’ll ask you to send me any customer research or prep material you have ahead of the call so I can come prepared. We’ll kick off the call on video using Zoom (it’s easy to use, no download required), and work together in a Google Doc in real time as we lay the groundwork for the first 30 minutes to an hour.

For a Full Day 6 hour Session: Show up for the initial 30-60 minutes to brief me, and we can communicate via private Slack channel for the rest of the time as needed.

For a 90 minute power session or Half Day Session: At certain points, I’ll go on mute and work on my own for a while, then come back on Zoom when there are questions to flesh out. If you don’t want to be on the call for the full 3 hours, no worries. Show up for the initial 30-60 minutes to brief me, and we can communicate via private Slack channel for the rest of the time as needed.

Why would I want to buy a time-based session rather than booking a project with you?

Four words: Save time and money. BOOM.

Oh, you wanted a longer answer? Fine! Because custom projects are just that — custom — they require a lot more time to onboard since I have to do a briefing call, write up a proposal, get deposits paid, etc. before we can begin. The time involved, and the extensive customer interviews/research and follow up optimization that I do for conversion projects, makes them cost a whole lot more (currently $3,500 and up). So if you’re short on time and want a bigger value, renting a half day with me is the way to go!

Now it’s time to ask yourself the 6-figure question:


A Resounding Y-E-S? I’m tossing confetti in your honor! …And you probably don’t need my help.

But if there’s a shadow of doubt…

And you’re wondering if you could 10X your sales with my help…

…Or land your first big client…

…Or double your last launch’s revenue…

…Or you know for 100% certain that you can’t truly be the CEO of your business until you bring in someone to handle the copywriting and email marketing for you…

Then choose a session, punch in your details, and reserve your spot before they fill up.

Bring your coffee and to-do list, and I’ll see you at our first call.


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The button below will take you to an intake form, where you’ll have a chance to share the details of your project, so I can estimate how much time you’ll need and help you choose the right package.