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Subtitle: Let’s get this party started!

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I’d just like to stop and take a moment to say Thank You for trusting me with your business - I can’t wait to start working with you!

Your conversion funnel and back end systems set up are a huge part of your success as a brand, and I want to acknowledge the big step you’re taking to prioritize this area of your business. Go you!

Every team and contractor have different ways of working together, so I find it really helpful to lay out expectations up front. Makes the rest of the process smooth like butter, if you know what I mean. Save this guide and refer back to it as many times as needed. It’s intended to bring clarity and promote healthy working relationships!

1) Communication

Asana will be our home base for communication from here on out. While you are welcome to email me, please know that the best way to communicate while we work together will be in Asana.

If you haven’t used it yet, you’re about to fall in love with the transparency and clarity available in this tool. Wondering what I’m working on? Check Asana. Wondering how long it’ll take me? Check Asana. Can’t remember when our next call is? Need to watch the call recording? Forgot what your homework was from the last call? You guessed it… it’s all inside Asana.

In Asana, I manage client projects and assign tasks, set due dates, attach files from Google Docs for collaborating, and even integrate my calendar for a week/month at a glance. You don’t need to add any tasks or edit due dates, I’ll manage that, but you will use Asana to track due dates for your homework and check tasks off as they’re completed.

You can log into Asana from any Mac or PC, and my favorite handy tool is the Asana mobile app so you can manage your project on the go.

If you’d like to get a little more familiar with our friend Asana, watch this short video.

Asana start up guide video

2) Our Calls

For each of the three segments of our work together (Research & Discovery, Plotting & Writing, Testing & Learning), we will have a pow-wow to catch up on where things stand and review our Asana tasks and projects. The calls will take place via Zoom and you will have the call recordings to refer back to when you need them.

Your login link is:

The meeting ID you type in is: 365-196-2614.

As you agreed in our contract, all of our calls must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance and must be confirmed and agreed to by both of us via email or Asana. I do charge a $50 fee for any calls no-showed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, so please plan accordingly! Be there or be square. ;)

3) Working Hours

While my hours are flexible and you may see me checking off tasks within our Asana project in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon, my guaranteed working hours for 24-hour email responses are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-3:30pm Pacific Standard Time

And my client call days are currently:

Monday and Wednesday from 1:00pm-3:00pm Pacific Standard Time

These are the only times I can take calls, leaving me dedicated days to focus on research, writing, and editing. I do not take calls on Fridays-Sundays, no exceptions.

Here’s my not-so-hidden agenda: For you to expand your reach and revenue by working SMARTER, not harder.

Your conversion funnel, email automations and systems are going to help you do just that.

I work hard to make your marketing work for you. If you ever feel like the steps we’re taking and tools we’re putting into place aren’t working for your brand, it is your responsibility to let me know. Any system is only as good as it’s user so it’s up to you to make it work for you.

And that’s a wrap! Everything else you need for our time together can be found in Asana.

Now, let the fun begin!



Do you need a W9 for our work together? You can download it by clicking right here!