…Without live streaming 24/7 or DM-ing people like a desperate door-to-door sales rep.


Hi, I'm Margo. And I know we've never met, but I already know a thing or two about you...

...You've got a growing business and a passion for the work you do, and you want to expand your impact and your revenue (yes, you can do both!).

...You've finally realized that you can't scale any further without bringing on a data-driven expert (oh hey, that's me! 🙋) to architect a funnel and write copy that'll make your fans beg you to send them that purchase link already.

...You know how powerful your product is, but you need a pro to help you package it up with a story that'll change lives while stacking cash in your bank account. 


Well guess what...

You don't HAVE to keep strolling down marketing struggle street.

Because as much as you love your customers, you haven’t got the time to get on sales call after freaking sales call every week just to make your monthly goals!

…And you wish you knew the industry best practices for your email sequences, rather than just copying what you see other businesses doing and hoping it hits your customers in the “buy now” feels.

If you're ready to hand off your mile-long email marketing to do list to a professional, you've come to the right place. 🙌

I'm about to give your business a desperately-needed injection of strategic copy that increases conversions and boosts customer lifetime value on autopilot.

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I’ve helped my clients to…

  • Boost email campaign CTR by 46.2% and Open Rate by 8.7% for a multi-location holistic wellness company after a conversion optimization overhaul and new copywriting approach.

  • Write keyword-optimized blog post that hit page one of Google for client’s desired keywords within 6 months with purely organic traffic.

  • Designed & wrote client’s launch cart-close email flow that achieved a 29.1% increase in click-through rate over the client’s previous 3 month average for an online course launch. 


Email Copy

  • Nurture sequences

  • Onboarding sequences

  • Webinar sequences

  • Reengagement sequences

  • Conversion Funnel & Segmentation Strategy

  • Lifecycle emails

Launch copy

Sales Copy

  • Sales pages

  • Landing Pages

  • Case Studies

  • Interviews


My projects are all broken up into three phases: Research & Discovery, Plotting & Writing, and Launching & Testing.

I study your customer’s experience, hypothesize about conversion optimization based on their feedback (I do 1:1 customer phone interviews and help you implement conversion-focused surveys), and then create a treatment in the form of optimized landing pages and email sequences that lift conversions. 

We’ll continue testing to figure out which changes will get you the biggest revenue wins.

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Real Talk: My work is 80% research and 20% writing.

After we’ve had a discovery call to outline the project, agreed on a scope and booked you into my calendar, it goes a lil’ some-thin like this:

Research and Discovery

  • I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back to me along with your current emails (if you have any) in a Google Doc. While you do that, I'll be familiarizing myself with your ideal customers. I'll ask you for contact info for a handful of your favorite customers and interview at least 3-5 of them.

  • I'll find out what makes your ideal client tick, why they stick with your business, and how they speak. I also do competitor messaging assessments, and forum mining for "voice of ideal customer.”

  • We’ll have a roadmap call to kick off the project and I set out the game plan and show you what your funnel strategy should be for these emails. Spoiler alert: there will be segmentation with segmentation INSIDE of this very email sequence. (Don’t freak out! I promise I’ll make it not scary to implement and SO worth it.) Segment now = more revenue later.

  • You’ll get a visual depiction of the Email Sequence Funnel strategy we went over on the Roadmap call, delivered at end of research phase.

Plotting and Writing

  • Once we've done our homework and I’m chock-full of positive vibes and knowledge from those customer interviews, I'll get to work on the emails. I'll write new content where needed, and edit where what you’ve got going on works within our new strategy. I'll tell you what works for your ideal customers and what doesn’t, and show you how to implement and tag for maximum conversions.

  • Then you’ll get your much-anticipated deliverables, including the emails, sales pages, and whatever else is included in the package you select!

  • We’ll review it together on a live call, go over your questions, add any final parting thoughts, and I’ll explain implementation and next steps.

Launching and Testing

  • I’ll stick with you throughout the launch to ensure everything goes smoothly, and if you’d like it added into your proposal I’ll plug all the emails into your ESP for you as well. 

  • To help you test, track, and improve the results you get from the sequence, I do a one month follow up call, a 20-minute call four weeks after you take the new system live. I go into your software to analyze your metrics ahead of the call to see what’s working and what’s not. (Because what gets measured gets managed, so you’ve gotta monitor these bad boys to squeeze the most value out of ‘em!)

Project timeline depends on project size and scope, but ranges from 4-12 weeks. To cover a few common examples, it's typically 4-6 weeks for a nurture sequence and 6-8 weeks for a launch sequence.

All of my packages include funnel strategy coaching and follow-up monitoring the month after launch to optimize for conversions.

***Please note, my schedule is currently booked out approximately 2 months in the future, so contact me as soon as possible in order to get your project into my schedule! If you’re in a rush, booking in my next Day Session is your best bet!***

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I quote fees on a per-project basis, after going over a full brief of your project scope and deliverables you need on a call. My minimum engagement rate for projects is $3,500, but most projects come in the $7,500-$15,000 range depending on the project scope.

Projects under $10,000 are paid 50% to reserve your spot, and 50% upon delivery. Projects over $10,000 are paid 40% to reserve your spot, 30% on delivery #1, and final 30% on delivery #2. (reference your proposal for full details on payments)

I don't offer refunds. If you're not sure this is right for you, try starting with a 90 minute Power Session to see how you like working with me first.


Drop me a quick message about your project & tell me how I can help you increase your revenue with better copy: