7 Copy Mistakes You’re Making on Your Wellness Website (And How to Fix Them)

7 Copy Mistakes You're Making on your website

You’re staring at the screen, beaming with pride over the website you’ve created for your wellness business.

The launch of your site should be one of your happiest moments as a business owner. But too often, wellness entrepreneurs skate by with websites that don't match up to the quality of their skills.

You’re a fired-up wellness advocate with an important array of products and services to improve your client's’ health, and your website should reflect that!

In my work as a copywriter for wellness business owners, I’ve come across a lot of the same mistakes over and over again on the websites I work on. Fortunately, most of the mistakes are an easy fix, and once you know how to spot them, you can avoid them in all future versions of your website and other online platforms.

Read on for a list of the top seven mistakes you’re making on your wellness website, and how to fix them!

1  |  Weak Calls-to-Action

It’s essential that you make it blatantly obvious what you want your readers to do after they read the words on your page.

Click the “Schedule a session online now” button? Call the phone number listed to learn more? Visit your physical location? Join your email list?

If you give them to many different options on each page, they’ll get information overload and click that little red “X” before you even have the chance to introduce yourself and your work.

Quick fix:

Look at each of your pages on your site, and decide what outcome you want after a person reads each page. Then go in and create a short, to the point instruction to the reader what the next step is for them to take. Bonus points if you have a button for them to click to easily follow your instructions!

2  |  Inconsistent Branding

I know, you're so sick of hearing the word branding over and over.

You’re probably wondering what the heck branding even means, or if it’s really just an excuse to have t-shirts, brochures, and teddy bears made with your logo on them to pass out around town.

Your brand is the unique personality and voice that your business presents to the public, expressed through text, fonts, graphics, colors, and images.

It’s essential that you create a plan for your branding imagery and stick with it!

Studies have shown that brands that are visually consistent attract more customer loyalty, so it’s important to be sure all of your webpages, graphics and fonts tie together.

Quick fix:

Create a brand mood board, this helps immensely with aligning all of the elements of your site and social media accounts.

You can do this for free on Canva (not a paid endorsement, it’s just an incredibly useful site!)

Check out all the options for totally free mood boards they offer on their site I created the board below in less than 45 seconds. I’m not kidding, it’s that simple.

Canva mood board

Once you choose colors and fonts, use them consistently across all your digital platforms. You’ll love your new, more polished look.

Of course, if you're working with an incredible graphic or web designer, they'll provide far more features for your branding mood board and other collateral.

But if you're going the totally DIY route, Canva's got your back.

3  |  Overuse of Exclamation Points and Exclamatory Verbs

While the occasional exclamation point is totally fine, a lot of businesses are trying so hard to sound excited in their writing that they end up sounding sales-y and inauthentic.


No one wants their site visitors to assume their claims are untrue because of the overuse of strong wording and over-the-top promises.

Quick fix:

Approach writing your web copy like you’re writing a letter to your best friend inviting them to enjoy your services or products. How would you speak to them? You’d be honest about your strengths, but without bragging or gushing, right? That’s what you’re looking for in your website writing. A personal feel, while still proudly shining a light on the benefits to your clients.

4  |  Not Proofreading Your Copy

This is a mistake we should have learned to avoid in High School English class, but unfortunately there are a lot of websites out there with typos and grammatical errors galore.

The fact is, you’re crazy busy as a wellness entrepreneur. I’d venture to guess that you might have written some of your website in the wee hours of the morning, late at night, or quickly in between client appointments.

While there’s lots of reasonable excuses for grammar errors on a quickly written website, nothing will have a website visitor exiting your site faster than an unprofessional sounding, poorly written message.

Quick fix:

Get someone to proofread every single page on your site. This is non-negotiable. Seriously. Hey, I’m a writer and editor as a profession and I still have someone else edit all of my website copy before I publish it to my site. If you have a friend or someone you trust to copyedit your work perfectly, great! If not, hiring a professional to give that final green light on the quality of your website copy is an investment that will pay dividends in future client inquiries.

5  |  Buttons that Don’t Stand Out

You might think that any old button will do, since the words above the button are what will get a reader to click through to learn more, right?


Numerous studies have been done on the increase in CTR (Click-through-rate) when a button was adjusted to a color that contrasted with the rest of the page.

Buttons must stand out in color and wording in order to improve your conversion rate.

Quick fix:

Change your buttons to a color that contrasts with the rest of the page. This doesn’t mean it has to be an ugly, flourescent color! One of my favorites is the pleasant red hue of #ff5c5c. You can see it here in the sign-up page for my newsletter. (Feel free to sign up while you're checking out that button color!)

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6  |  Not Publishing your Packages + Pricing

If you’re launching or improving your website, I’m sure you’re doing your homework and researching your competitors sites.

You have done your homework, right?

You may have noticed some folks choose to not list their prices, simply having a mysterious “Contact me for a Quote” form that leaves readers guessing as to the investment required (I’ve noticed Health Coaches are often guilty of this, particularly when they’re first starting out).

This wastes both your prospects’ time and your own, since by the time you’ve emailed back and forth you may find out they can’t afford your services.

Quick fix:

If you already have your services packaged up and priced, great! Go ahead and list them on your site. If you’re still brainstorming this, make it a priority to just decide and publish your rates. The beauty of the internet is you can always update it later if you raise your rates or re-package your offerings. Transparency is to business as peanut butter is to jelly, they just have to go together.

7  |  Not Taking Advantage of Title and Meta Tags

If you’re scratching your head wondering “What the heck is a Meta tag, Margo?” I hear you.

In fact, I have a special screenshot just for you. Below is the Google search screen for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition:

Meta Tag screen shot

The Title is pretty obvious, but the Meta tag is easily overlooked. Each page of your website should have unique Meta tags, and this should be a compelling reason for a someone on Google searching for the services you offer to visit your site.

Quick fix:

Optimize all of your Title and Meta tags for search engines! Be sure that your important keywords are in your Title tag (as well as your location if you have a physical location), and use your Meta tag as a mini call-to-action straight from Google to get people to click through to your site! Keep your Title tags to 55 characters or less, and your Meta tags to 155 characters or less, to be sure they don’t get cut off on the Google page (as it is in the IIN’s Meta tag in the image above)

Need more help with writing a stunning website for your Wellness Business? Check out my services or email me your questions. Can’t wait to connect with you!