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Find out exactly which emails and landing pages are losing you customers, why they’re missing mark, and how you can fix it.

You’re talented, passionate, and driven.

You know how to help your students and clients like nobody else can.

…But figuring out the missing link of monthly recurring revenue you can count on is taking a toll on you.

You know you can do better with your sales funnel, but why would you jump into planning your next launch when you haven't even done a detailed analysis of your last one yet?

You need to start with a sales funnel audit.

Have a sneaking suspicion the sales page and emails you already have aren’t helping you convert more sales?

A conversion-focused audit will tell you just how to use data to drive customers toward that glorious “Yes!”

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Margo Carroll Sales Funnel Audit


  • You provide me with your sales page URL, access to your ESP and a list of emails that make up the funnel. (maximum 15 emails, 1 sales page, 1 tripwire page, 1 TY/registration page per audit. If you want me to audit your webinar as well, you should book a Day Session.)

  • While you do that, I'll be getting to know your ideal customers. I'll find out what makes your customers tick, why they stick with your business, and how they speak. I also do competitor messaging assessments, and forum mining for "voice of ideal client.” This takes one week, tops.

  • Once we've each done our homework, I'll get to work on the emails. I'll point out areas of concern where needed, and note where what you’ve got going on works within our new strategy. I'll tell you what works for the customers you want to reach and what needs an overhaul. This is all developed within a document, and I deliver this to you along with a video walkthrough you can share with your team. You’ll get this within a week of me completing the review phase. (2 weeks from receiving your emails to sending you the report)

  • You’ll review the video and document and schedule a 45-minute call with me for the following week.

  • During the wrap-up call, we’ll discuss your questions, and see what else we might collaborate on.

This detailed sales funnel audit report — and the video I’ll give you to review as many times as need be — are the foundational step for fixing your funnel so you can increase sales and reduce refund requests.

If the main metric that you measure is paid conversions from followers to paid customers, the only way to know if you’re succeeding is to map out the points leading to that conversion and use data to find and fix the leaks.

My proprietary audit process does just that, and you’ll get your sales funnel audit returned to you within 2 weeks of submitting your materials to me.

Audits are $695 and are the fastest way to work with me on your sales funnel.
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