yes, I said Marketing Team!!! 😉

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Grow your business with done-for-you conversion copywriting for the next 6 months and watch the magic unfold…

This is the 1:1 strategic coaching & custom copy you need to drive sales consistently, allowing you to focus on your CEO-level work and let me be your Marketing Guru (just add coffee!).

The Elite Growth Package is a monthly retainer, making you one of my top 4 priority clients for the next 6 months. (...or longer, if it's a great match!)


Just need a funnel audit or an hour of coaching? Click here.



Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart.

And if you’re like most of the CEOs I work with, you’re feeling held back...

...bogged down by the details...

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step of your marketing in order, someone who could answer questions about your funnel, analytics, and strategy anytime.

You’re frustrated about wasting your time trying to learn email and content marketing yourself from blog posts, YouTube, and begging answers in Facebook groups.

You wish you could get ALL the information you need to attract customers consistently in one easy-to-navigate place, and stop trying to piece it together yourself!

(No matter how much you “love to write,” it just takes up way too much of your time, doesn’t it?)

So what if there was a better way?

For the first time since last spring, I’m opening up spaces in my Client Inner Circle.

That’s a big deal.

Here’s why:

This is my most exclusive 1:1 package, and I only take on 4 Elite Growth Clients at a time.

Imagine how you’re going to feel once you’ve secured your very own sales strategy secret weapon, have a quarterly content plan (with measurable benchmarks!), are growing your monthly recurring revenue consistently, and no longer have to worry about burning out on writing your promotions again.

What a relief, right?

Now it’s not for everyone…

You should NOT join my Elite Inner Circle if you’re just getting started or you’re not ready to hit your big revenue goals for 2019.

But the Elite Growth Package is perfect for you if…

  • You’re consistently hitting $5k-$8k months, but you’re ready to scale to consistent $10k-20k and beyond.

  • You need a lot of copy written each month, but you don’t have an in-house marketing team (yet!) to take it off your plate.

  • You’ve got TONS of ideas for projects and new directions for your company, but no time to act on them because you’re mired down in the minutes (hint, hint: I’m about to take that over for you so you can spark growth from your CEO throne!)

  • You’re sick of asking for recommendations on Facebook and wandering aimlessly in the Google wilderness with no clue how to find a copywriter you can trust. You want to “go steady” with a new biz bestie. (Matching half-heart necklaces not required)

  • You’re ready to grow your business with conversion copywriting and strategic messaging for the next 6 months and watch the magic unfold.

By securing a spot in my Inner Circle, you don’t have to wait to talk over a new project, because you’ll have priority access to me over all other clients and prospects.

You’ll enjoy...

  • Lower Costs:

    When you have launches, promotions, and projects on the horizon, joining my Inner Circle allows you to pay a lower rate and spread costs over a longer period, making budgeting for cashflow way easier than one-time projects

  • Conversion Assessment and Growth Tracking:

    You can trust me to deliver great results because we’ll consistently check in on your goals and results. When things don’t work, we’ll change them! When they do work, we’ll clink our champagne glasses to celebrate our collective genius.

  • Strategic Planning:

    A huge part of my job is assessing your big-picture objectives, and creating your Strategic Content Plan so you can achieve them. Working with me in the Elite Growth Package frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

I’ll know your products and services deeply.

I’ll understand your target audience inside and out.

I’ll know how you operate, so I can turn things around faster and keep your promotions on schedule.

I’ll be able to pitch brand-new ideas that will make your business more successful.

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FRODO HAD SAM, Batman had Robin, and Harry had Hermione.

We all know that the greatest don’t get to the top without a secret weapon.

And you can stop stressing about writing emails and content that grow your monthly recurring revenue…

…Because you just found yours.

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Margo Carroll Headshot

Hey, I’m Margo!

I’m a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist working with passionate entrepreneurs like you!  My clients have had amazing results in traffic and lead generation when they let me take over their email marketing.  

You’re one step away from converting more leads to clients and growing monthly revenue! I hope you’re the next success story with the Elite Growth Package!

The Elite Growth Package is a monthly retainer, making you one of my top 4 priority clients for the next 6 months. (...or longer, if it's a great match!)

Here’s what’s included:

Bi-Weekly 90 minute Strategy Calls with me [Value: $750]

2 Sales-focused emails per month (stand-alone or added to autoresponder sequence) [Value: $800]

2 Value Discovery Email Campaigns per month [Value: $600]

3 hours of a la carte conversion copywriting work per month (can be applied to sales pages, product descriptions, Facebook Ads, White Papers, etc.) [Value: $750+]

Both packages come with these bonuses:

✔ 24-hour email response times on business days (M-TH 9a-3p Pacific) [Value: $500]

✔ Quarterly Conversion Optimization Plan (PDF + Video walkthrough) [Value: $750]

✔ Monthly Funnel Audit & Analytics Assessment [Value: $600]

→ → Thats a total of $4,750 Monthly Value. ← ←

But you can have it all (plus my awkward jokes on Zoom calls for no extra charge!) for only $1,800 per month.

And you can try it for 30 days, risk-free.

...Because although it’s a 6-month commitment, it only takes 30 days notice to cancel at any time.




"Margo was a breath of fresh air to work with! She was very responsive and answered all of my questions quickly and in detail. The new copy exceeded my expectations — Margo is awesome!"

- Jeanetta Joseph, Spa Flow Mobile Massage & Wellness

“Can I just say that you are a GENIUS and have clearly put so much thought and work into each of these lessons. Truly, I'm more in awe than ever. You will definitely be on my roster of experts at one of my retreats!”

- Dr. Judith Boyce, Retreatmd

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"Before discovering Margo, I had so many ideas but never got anything written down. In 2 hours, she completes what used to take me 1-2 days to do. Working with Margo has brought my ideas to life and relieved me of the stress I put on myself for not getting it done. I wholeheartedly recommend Margo!"

-Dr. Ellen Lewis, Shalva Clinic



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Once you pay for your first month and book your onboarding call on the next page, you’ll get an email with your welcome packet right away.

Margo Carroll Conversion Copywriter Zoom Call .png

Your email will contain instructions for how to prepare for our first strategy call, and I’ll send you your onboarding questionnaire within 3 business days.

Questions? You’ll just hit reply to that email and ask — once you’ve booked an Elite Growth Package slot, you’ll receive replies within 24 hours, M-F!

By paying your first month’s fee, you reserve your space as an Elite Growth client. In subsequent months, you'll receive an invoice via email on the 15th of the month for your retainer fee, for your monthly payment which is due before the 1st of the following month.

And it’s as easy as that! You’re about to hand off what you’re not-so-good-at to a pro and stay in your zone of genius. (Sweet relief!)

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My promise to you

You can cancel your Elite Growth Package at any time with 30 days’ notice, risk free. While there are no refunds on payments made, you will receive the full monthly work. You can learn more about the refund policy here.

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Margo Carroll Conversion Copywriter Elite Growth Retainer Package.png

The 1:1 strategic coaching & custom copy you need to magnetize customers consistently, allowing you to focus on your CEO-level work and let me be your Insta-CMO (just add coffee!).

Act now to secure one of the 4 spaces & get $4,750 of monthly value for only $1,800 per month


Just need a funnel audit or an hour of coaching? Click here.


What is the time commitment per week?

On the two weeks of the month we have our scheduled calls, that’ll take an hour of your time. On those calls , we’ll confirm plans for upcoming copy and content, so the remaining time is up to how often you need to email me questions and updates.

What is the difference between this package and booking individual projects with you?

You’ll save LOADS of money, time, and effort by being one of my top four priorities when I sit down at my desk each morning. We’ll be on the phone every other week for our scheduled calls, but you’ll also get email responses within 24 hours on workdays (Mon-Thurs), and not have to worry about when I’ll have time to get to your projects. You can focus on your money-making big picture work and let me handle your copy!

How long is the commitment?

The retainer package agreement is a 6 month commitment, but if you realize at some point that it isn’t a good fit, it can be terminated by either party with 30 calendar days’ notice.

What are the payment options?

For your first month’s payment, you simply click that yellow button, go to the next page, and pay the fee while choosing the time of your onboarding call. In subsequent months, your payment will be billed automatically on the 15th of the month for the following month’s fee.

What types of businesses is this package best for?

Any business that uses their online presence to drive traffic, purchases, and revenue! This is not suited for a new business just starting out or one that doesn’t have a core offer yet. This is for businesses ready to stabilize consistent 5k-10k months, or grow their existing monthly recurring revenue with cohesive copy and promotions.