How Tracy Launched Her Website + Attracts Clients Using Your Wellness Website Blueprint

How Tracy Launched Her Website + Attracts New Clients Using Your Wellness Website Blueprint

I’m super excited to be mixing things up on the blog today, and turning the spotlight on one of my incredible students! Tracy of Tracy Seider Movement joined my marketing course + community, Your Wellness Website Blueprint, early this year. In just a short time she’s taken her website from just a basic one-page welcome mat to a gorgeous fully-loaded website, and is leveraging her online presence to book new clients for her movement coaching business. (If you’re thinking about improving your alignment and getting stronger, Tracy’s the girl to help you out!)

Today Tracy is sharing a little bit of what she learned from joining the Your Wellness Website Blueprint course community.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I'm a movement and alignment coach, helping wellness-seekers to get pain-free and live their life all systems go. I coach clients in person and online, as well as teaching in-person group classes.

Where was your online presence at when you started Your Wellness Website Blueprint (YWWB)?

When I joined the course, my website was just a single “splash page.” I had spent time writing new copy for my first real website, but I had written way too much copy and I wasn't feeling clear in my messaging. I was finding it very hard to put into words what it is that I do and was struggling to get my thoughts organized. The entire process of 'assembling' my web copy was daunting to me, but I felt way more confident taking another stab at it using Margo’s tips and templates from the course.

What were your online marketing struggles before the course, and how did YWWB help you to overcome them?

I was struggling to formulate my ideas and my site map in a clear, organized and punchy way. I loved the tone in Margo's template copy - that really resonated with me as I was looking for a copy and website style that was a bit edgy, conversational and bold, and didn't know how to put that into words. Margo's ideas led me in the right direction and helped me to find my authentic voice. She responded to my queries and gave me outstanding feedback for my copy. I even ended up recording a short intro video for my website, which I would NEVER have had the confidence to do before going through the course and having copy I could be proud of.

How has your business/website/email list grown since taking the course?

I feel WAY more confident in marketing myself, both online and offline - and am proud to send people to my website. I feel that my new copy aligns with who as I am as a person, as a movement coach, and with the message I am trying to project - and this is really helping in attracting more of my ideal clients.  

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What are some big wins you've achieved by implementing what you learned in the course?

The course helped me be focused, organized and clear, and to finally launch my website after struggling with my copy for months. It also helped me find the voice and tone I desperately needed. The course is way more than I expected, and is fantastic value for the money. My only regret is that I didn't purchase it sooner!

How long did it take you to complete the program and launch your website?

I rushed through the course in 2 weeks because I needed to get my website up, but I intend to refer back to course when I am ready for a proper launch (using all the modules in order to promote my launch fully, as YWWB recommends). I think the 90 day timeline the course outlines works well.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Before taking the course, I didn't know what I didn't know, and I found the YWWB program to have the most useful, practical and step-by-step information and approach to help me launch a website successfully.