4 Free Tools to Make Social Media Easy for your Wellness Business

4 Free Tools to Make Social Media Easy for your Wellness Business

I’m always dreaming up new ways to help my clients promote and grow their wellness businesses, but sometimes my big ideas get in the way of me noticing the small tasks they need help with. Such as optimizing social media, for example.

Clients ask me all the time how to make social media easier, and I bet you have some of the same questions that they ask me.

Have you ever wondered where your competitors get those fancy graphics they use on their social media images and blog posts?

Or have you wanted to schedule out your social media posting but haven’t been willing to fork over the money to purchase a social media scheduler just yet?

I get it.

Any time you start a new business, you’re very careful about what you invest your money into.

And if you’re smart, you’re probably much more concerned with investing into services that will have a high return on investment for you, like your website and branding, than you are about smaller tasks.

But social media can be incredibly time consuming if you’re not putting some of it on auto-pilot, and my guess is most of you reading this can’t afford to hire a full-time Social Media Manager just yet at this stage in your business.

You deserve to know about these free tools I recommend to save time and create a stunning social media presence.

I’m not receiving any affiliate sponsorship to share these with you, I simply want to share the knowledge to help you grow your wellness business!

Here are my four favorite free tools for making my social media life easier.

1  |  Canva

Wondering where I created the snazzy graphic for this blog post?

Or the images in my banners and headers throughout the site?

It was all made courtesy of Canva.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 7.04.38 AM.png

Canva has a wide variety of pre-sized templates for everything from Instagram images, Facebook posts, Twitter banners, LinkedIn Ads, Letterhead, Business cards and so much more!

You name it, you can create it on Canva! And best of all, almost all of the essential features on the site are totally free. I use it heavily for myself and my clients and I think I’ve only ended up needing to pay for an upgrade (to purchase a stock image I wanted from their library) once.

2  |  Buffer

While you can also upgrade to the paid version with expanded functionality, the free version of Buffer allows you to pre-schedule content across multiple platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can even choose to upload the same exact post across multiple platforms at once, saving you tons of time!

As Instagram power users know, you can't actually post to Instagram from any third-party app, but you can pre-write your captions and upload the images, and the Buffer app will send a push notification to your phone to remind you when it's time to publish your post.

This still saves a ton of time on content creation and is absolutely worth the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the app. 


If you'd like to see the transformation my own Instagram feed has gone through since planning out my visual branding and posts with Buffer, find me on Instagram @remedywriting and scrolling down through my feed - you'll see a major difference!


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3  |  Asana

I used to make the same mistake a lot of you are probably making.

When I sat down at my laptop to start working each day, I would write out a rough to do list and then check my email before anything else so that I knew what was pending that day. A perfectly reasonable way to warm up to your daily tasks, but unfortunately lots of smaller items were slipping through the cracks because I wasn't managing all of my tasks in one place.

Enter Asana.

Now I track all of my Remedy Writing workflows, Client jobs, and upcoming projects all in one tidy little place. This is now the very first thing I check when I start my workday. I love the calendar mode because I can see what I have to get done today, as well as what I can get ahead on that is due in the next few days.


This one application saves me so much time and energy searching for old lists on lost sticky notes. I just can't believe that it's free! If you take away one thing from this post, go get Asana right now. Just do it. You won't regret it.

4  |  Unsplash

One question I constantly see from clients and across Facebook Groups is "Where do you get the images you use in your marketing graphics?"

I use a combination of my own images, professional photographs I've had taken, and stock images to create my graphics and marketing materials.

While there are so many great stock photo sites out there these days (Stocksy and Pixabay come to mind), Unsplash is where I always find myself clicking over to first when I need an image for a blog post or webpage.

I like Unsplash because the images are updated frequently, you can organize them into various categories based on your interests, and they have a distinctly artistic feel to them.


Some may not like the more filtered, gritty look of some of the images, and by all means if you want a totally un-Photoshopped image this might not be the place for you.

But if you see photography as an art form you should certainly give this site a glance.

There are a limited number of images related to bodywork and massage, but a plethora of images in the healthy eating, wellness, and nutrition vein.

I use these images all the time and can’t believe they don’t cost me a dime!

What are your favorite Social Media tools? Share in the comments!