13 Audience Building Tips From The World's Most Dedicated Wellness Entrepreneurs

13 Audience Building Tips From The World's Most Dedicated Wellness Entrepreneurs

I asked my favorite wellness bloggers, coaches + entrepreneurs for their quick and uncommon tips for building an audience and developing their online brand. They really came through with some advice and tips that you shouldn’t miss.

These are change-makers in their fields from around the world.

Some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom are from Penny Wort of Well Being Business and Jamie Johnston of the Massage Therapy Development Centre, be sure to read both of those!

When you're done reading their tips, I would love to hear your own quick and uncommon tip for building an audience in the comments!

Mandy Butera headshot

1  |  “Engage with your community! Who is in your wellness community, and who would you like to have in your sphere? Engage them in conversation on social media. Chat them up as if they were sitting with you having a cup of tea. Be you and watch others follow you. Inspire others with stories about your life and what moves you. Showcase your talents by helping others succeed.”

Mandy Butera, Wren & Wild

Lauren Headshot

2  |  “To build an audience online you need to figure out your lane and stick to it. If your passion is wellness, ferociously pursue that and dedicate time to producing quality content. Quality over quantity is something I try to remind myself of daily. Allowing myself to take time away from the blog in order to regain creativity in my posts. Consistency is also key. Even if you only dedicate 2 days a week to your business make those 2 days incredibly focused and successful. All in all get clear on what it is you want to be building and WHY because if you're passionate about it it will radiate out to all of your following.

Lauren, Blissfully Lively Nutrition Coaching

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3  |  “One of the most necessary and fruitful endeavors has been to really discover myself and what I'm trying to DO with social media projects. It's been essential to really get clear with the messages I'm trying to convey about normalizing vulnerability and living in/spreading our gifts. Each of us has something that only we can deliver in our own way, I personally love sharing my story and how I've come from a shadowy past (haven't we all?!) into living the most radically liberated, powerful, positive and creative life I could've ever imagined. Taking REST and BREAKS is also equally as important for me. I can definitely get bogged down working endlessly at 'living my truth', and getting to a place where I'm tired and it feels like 'work' is definitely a 'thing'. I always take a hiatus when it’s needed.”

Brittani Rael, Britt Lynn Yoga

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4  |  “My advice would to be to take full advantage of using Instagram. Instagram has been imperative for growing our business. It gives an insider's look into who we are as a company and can be the tipping point on whether someone does business with you or not.”

Caitlin Abshier, Cait + Co

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5  |  “Consistency comes first. You have to be consistent in what you do.

It takes a long time to build success, some think it’s going to happen overnight or within a year, some online coaches promise that you’ll make 6 figures a year in your first year if you just take their program, well it’s not that easy. If you’ve ever listened to Gary Vaynerchuck, you have to have a 5 year plan. And you HAVE to consistently work and put out quality content. As hard as it gets, consistency pays off. It’s easy to compare yourself to those more successful than you, and even others who make it happen quicker than you do. Make good habits to develop a consistent writing and promoting schedule. But even though it takes a while, along the way you have to celebrate your victories no matter how small they seem. We all look at the end goal and won’t rest until we get there. As soon as one little victory happens, we quickly look to the next one again and again. Take the time to celebrate those little victories, acknowledge them, take pride in what you’ve done so far.

And remember, it’s not about you! It’s all about your customer base (whoever that may be) and providing them with as much quality information as possible. The more free, high quality information you can provide them, the better. It’s all about building their trust in you and your brand. The more trust they have in you because of what you’re already doing for them, the more successful you’ll be.

Network with other health professionals and other businesses. This doesn’t just mean online. Some of the biggest things that have helped me along the way is reaching out to other health care pro’s that I respect, not just online, but also at conferences and courses. You’d be surprised how many of them are willing to help you out if you just ask.”

Jamie Johnston, Massage Therapist Development Centre

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Wellness social media

6  |  The health and wellness industry is quite unique. The most important thing is to build trust within your community and to establish yourself as an industry expert. This happens by being genuine! Of course I'd suggest autoposting on social media but I would strongly suggest that you DON'T autocomment/like. It is the building of relationships that will help you to grow your business and create the brand that you want, just like in the offline world.

Be sure to post regularly and consistently, using appropriate hashtags (don't forget the local ones for those with bricks and mortar businesses), create a cohesive look and feel to your feed and plan out your content. Plan to educate, entertain and empower your audience by creating and sharing relevant content.”

Deanna Dolbel, Wellness Social Media

Rebecca Brumfield headshot

7  |  Be authentic. Seriously. "Authenticity" is such a hype word and overused these days, but for real: JUST BE YOU. Don't try to copy someone else. Don't try to abide by society's standards of what a wellness professional "should be" and put on a façade that you think everyone else wants to see. Being true to who you are is the best way to have a loyal following and achieve the "like, know, and trust" factor. There's a million and one coaches and online personalities and when you bring YOURSELF to the table, people resonate with your message.

Do NOT be afraid to collaborate! We work better together. Helping someone else achieve their goals never dampens your own!

Giveaways are a great way to get sponsors, engage your audience, "reactivate" stagnant members, aaaaaand build your list too! Generosity comes back ten fold! Reward your community with enticing and exclusive giveaways especially for them. It makes them feel appreciated, special, and loyal.

Don't leave people out! Some groups are so "buddy buddy" and exclude others (I'm not talking about not having a niche audience, but talking about completely ignoring someone else's valid emotions, opinions, and making them feel like they aren't a valued partner in your tribe) For example, I recently went to an event over the weekend and I invested a LOT of money and time, and I felt soooooo left out and invalidated, almost like I wasn't respected or taken an interest in. That was SUCH a turn off and pushed me away. The entire time, I felt like I just wanted to escape. The organizers took no time to get to know me and I felt so isolated. Maybe it wasn't my tribe, and that's OK too. It's a learning experience on how I don't want to treat people.

Ask fun GET TO KNOW YOU questions, and have some "fun" posts! Not everything has to be about strategy strategy strategy! Try "fill in the blanks" or "what's your favorite thing to do to unwind" or "Silly Selfies!" or "show us your pets!" Those type of posts in my groups always "activate" newer members and let's their personality shine, and see what each other has in common. I also love to BRAG on my members and quote them too! This lets them know that I value them and learn from them as well.

Often, the same questions get asked over and over in forums, so having a streamlined, go-to document / thread / file helps a lot with keeping everything easily accessible in one place. Common topics in massage groups are "recommended books"; "memberships / packages"; "service add-ons and upgrades"; "treatment room music & playlists"; "marketing strategies for newbies"; "cupping therapy class recommendations" etc. In other words: KNOW what your audience asks for and create easy to access resources.

Rebecca Brumfield, Badass Bodyworkers

Michael Headshot

8  |  Developing my audience has been and will continue to be an organic process! As a Doctor of Asian Medicine who also has a university background in Business and Information Systems Management, my life's focus is the integration of modern scientific and design principles with holistic, ancient healing wisdom. My goal is to cultivate an audience that desires to redesign the world according to values / principles which support wellbeing for both the individual and a progressive global society. Wellness By Design is the natural outgrowth of my own passionate outlook on existence, highlighting the ethos that a healthy, joyful and creative life can also be designed for functionality, beauty, organic sustainability, excitement and the pursuit of the cutting edge.”

Dr. Michael Regan, DACM, L.Ac., Wellness by Design

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9  |  “Don’t get caught up in the numbers. Is this a surprise? Aren’t numbers everything?!? Don’t get me wrong, numbers are extremely important, but numbers don’t mean anything if there is no value behind them. Engage with your audience, personally reach out to people and get to know them, genuinely like/comment back with your followers on their personal pages/platforms - do not use a bot program for this! Do your part to create genuine human connection and I guarantee you will build an audience who loves you for you and will follow you anywhere! Set specific times around your social scroll time and stick to them! It’s no secret that social media is literally addictive. I like to set a timer for myself (anywhere from 15-30 mins) that allows me to reply to all my comments and comment on others’ posts who have taken the time to like/comment on my posts. Then, when that 30 mins is up, put your phone away or click out of the tabs on your computer. You’re trying to run a business and that business is not going to run anywhere if you spend all your time obsessing over each new notification you get or checking in to see if your role model brand posted a new photo.”

Courtney Klop, Health for Happiness

Penny Wort Headshot

10  |  “I have three key tips:

  • Be open about your set of values and beliefs. They are unique to you and will help you to build a brand voice unlike any other.

  • Research & test the market continually. You can never have too many conversations with your target audience and it's much better to have clear feedback about your brand than to make assumptions.

  • Let your personality shine through. Blend your brand messaging with your own sense of humour and what resonates with you. Your audience will sense if you're not consistent with your approach.”

Penny Wort, Well Being Business

Jody Crane headshot

11  |  “BE YOU. It's YOUR story that will attract people to you and make you relatable to your target market. So be vulnerable, be positive, be genuine.

  • Identify 5 things that drive you in your wellness journey that will draw others in and use those topics often! For example (faith, fitness, family, fashion, food!)

  • Create an avatar of your perfect customer, coach, team... what talents, quirks would they possess? So when you are building your audience and connections-you'll take note of those followers from their IG or FB accounts and connect and interact.  

  • Invest in personal development!! The more you focus on YOUR mindset, the better equipped you are to help others with theirs. Rotate between business, personal, and spiritual development

  • Show up every day!! Some people are ready to jump right in but others need to watch and follow you for a while until they are willing to take action! So be consistent in sharing your wellness journey and the benefits it brings you. BE the product.”

Jody Ann Crane, Jody Crane Fit

True Formulation Logo

12  |  “Increase the scale of relatedness in each post by being more ‘human.” In addition to adding value, potential customers need to feel like they could relate to your products and brand. Showing the ‘human’ behind-the-scene side can create closer relationships between your brand and customers, and make them feel like they are engaging with people just like them. After all, your products are meant for people.

Don’t always listen to “experts” – following the status quo will limit your growth. When we first spoke with industry and branding experts, we were told their tried-and-proven ways: reduce spending, take fewer risks, and mimic successful brands. While there is some validity to that, had we listened to them, we would've created products no different from everything else in this saturated industry. People won't be engaged with another replica. Be as clear about your differences as possible, create bold expressions, stick to it, and you'll have people's attention and interest!”

The Team at True Formulation Apothecary

Bridget Raateland headshot

13  |  “The most effective thing you can do when building your wellness brand online is being 100% your most authentic self. Doing what comes from your soul and your core values and beliefs, rather than what you think is popular or you think people want to see. When you come from a place of authenticity you don't have to worry about standing out or offering something different that nobody else because, there is only one of you and that's your selling point, that's what makes your brand unique!  Only you can do you!”

Bridget Raateland, Bridget Jane Wellness

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