7 Reasons Why No One Is Booking From Your Website (+ How to Fix It!)

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Alright guys, let’s tackle the tricky stuff, shall we?

Today we're going to talk about the seven common reasons why no one is booking from your website.

(But don't worry, I'll show you how to fix them!)

The reason why we're talking about this today is I often get the question and emails from folks who spend a lot of time working on their website and feel that it looks great to them, but then they're getting crickets from readers.

Nobody's booking (or even inquiring!) and they don't understand why people are clicking over to the website, but they're not actually booking their services or products.

So that's why I want to talk to you about the seven common reasons that I often see why a website doesn't turn into client bookings for entrepreneurs and business owners.


1 | Slow Loading Webpages

Let's start with the easy fixes, shall we? 

The first reason why you might not be getting bookings from your website is slow loading pages. Now, raise your hand if you've ever clicked over to a website and it took more than about two to three seconds to load and you just immediately close the page.

“Ain't nobody got time for that!”

We've all done it.

You have to realize that in this day and age with very quick Internet connections, people expect pages to load very quickly, so you're going to want to actually test out how quickly your page loads and if it's slow, you're going to want to implement changes to make sure that your pages are loading more quickly and definitely loading quickly on mobile devices since that's where a lot of your clients are going to be viewing your website for the first time. There’s a lot of free tools out there for this; I like to use Pingdom.

2 | Broken Links

The second reason why people might not be booking from your website is broken links.

Now, this might sound like a no brainer; you might be thinking, “Hey Margo, I put my website together a year or two ago and I made sure every. single. link. worked. There's no problems here!”

Well, if you haven't been testing your links regularly, especially if you are integrated with other platforms such as an online scheduling device or a type of questionnaire or quiz that you have new clients fill out when they book their first call with you, it is possible that those integrations have made updates and that they're not working properly now.

So you want to always be checking regularly, at least once a month to make sure that all of the links on your website are working.

The key ones to take the time to check - if you don't have time to go through your entire website - is you always want to make sure that your purchasing links, your scheduling links, and any type of questionnaire or opt in is working.

For example, I was working with a someone a couple of weeks ago who said, I don't understand why I'm not getting bookings for my site. Everything looks so great. You did all the copy. What's wrong? Well, we went into their website and lo and behold, the scheduler link was broken!

How's anyone going to schedule with you if they can't actually go through the scheduler on your website???

#spoiler alert: they won’t!

You’ve got to test those links regularly and make sure that they're working.

3 | Unclear Call to Action

The third reason why nobody's booking from your website is weak calls to action.

The difference between writing for entertainment and writing to actually sell something (aka copywriting) is that the writing in copywriting actually needs to include a call to action.

So every page on your website, every email you send, every social media post that you post for your business needs to include a call to action of some sort.

Whether you want people to opt into your email list, you want people to book a call with you, or you want them to opt into a webinar or a live course that you're hosting, these are all unique calls to action.

You need to make your call to action very clear, and one way to do this is by having a singular call to action on each web page.

It gets very overwhelming to the reader if you're asking them to do five or six different things on the same page.

For example, having buttons asking them to “Book a call with me!” “Like me on Facebook”, and “Join my email list!” all right next to one another gets cluttered and yields less opt ins overall.

You really want to stick with one call to action per page if at all possible.

4 | Your Benefit Breakdown Is Unconvincing

The fourth reason why nobody is booking with you from your website is that you're giving an unclear explanation of your offering.

If you just have a general services page that has vague descriptions of your offers but doesn't have unique written explanations of the benefits of the features of your offer, you're going to have people that are confused about why they should choose to book with you.

Just because you have a product or a service that has handy features, doesn't mean that the client that's reading is going to understand what the benefit is to them and the transformation they'll see in their life by purchasing or booking that service.

You need to make the benefits extremely clear in your copy.

Remember, maintain at least a 2:1 ratio of benefits to features within your copy, always!

5 | Your Copy Is Not Compelling

The fifth reason why nobody's booking from your website is something that I see often when I do website audits and that is, that the copy is not compelling or well written.

If you make sure that you've done your market research, you will know exactly what you need to write that your ideal client wants to hear and that will compel them to act. On top of speaking in your ideal client’s own words, you also need to proofread and edit your copy extensively to be sure that it cannot be misunderstood by a reader.

Remember that marketing copy should not be descriptive and explanatory only; it must be compelling!

Does what you've written *really* give the reader a feeling of urgency or drive to do the thing you're asking them to do? I mean, really?

There should always be a clear action that you want to compel people to take based on what you've written in the copy (see point #3 above).

6 | Where’s Your Social Proof?

The sixth reason why people might not be booking from your website, and this is a huge, huge one nowadays that is lack of social proof.

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Nowadays everyone expects that they will be able to see reviews and testimonials that will give them that know, like, and trust factor to be able to trust you when they are looking for something online (yes, even if you have a brick-and-mortar location based business!).

Testimonials literally provide you the opportunity to step back and let other people sing your praises for you (hallelujah!), and there’s not a lot that’s more convincing than that to a potential client.

Social proof is something you really cannot neglect, because you never know the kind of opportunities you’re missing out on without having great testimonials on your website!

7 | YOU Are Missing From Your Own Website!

The last - and one of the most important - things that could be causing you to lose bookings on your website is that you are missing from your own website.

Often I will go to client websites and student websites to audit them and there are no pictures of the person who's running the business.

...Or there’s no personalized first person description or story in the about page.

These kind of omissions really leave a hollow feeling, as if it’s missing the personality of that individual from the website.

And really, that's what people were looking for when they click over to your website, is a taste of your personality!

They want to find out “why should I choose this person rather than someone else's business to provide me with this service or product”, so you need to make sure that you inject yourself into your website.

As you go through the website, imagine yourself being a new reader who has never met you before, are they really able to get a feel for who you are?

Make it obvious what makes you unique in the marketplace in your copy and share video or photographs of you throughout your website, both of which help readers develop that trust in you.

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So you just learned the seven reasons why nobody's looking from your website right now and how to fix them, if you've read this far, you must really care about whipping your copy into shape to get more online bookings for your business!

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