How To Create Consistent Social Media Content For Your Business

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Starting an online business is exciting, scary, and challenging.

We are fortunate to have social media and the internet at our fingertips. While it sure beats cold calling and doing door-to-door sales, the market is crowded and it is harder than ever to be “seen” online.

We have to constantly get in front of our ideal clients and make connections with them if we want to stay in business. And the consistent content you create will establish that connection and build a relationship.

Establishing “know, like, and trust factor” always comes before “selling”.

Did you notice I said consistent content above?

Being consistent is crucial as a small business, and it’s also arguably one of the hardest things to do with all the hats small business owners wear.

Putting consistent content out there shows your audience that you are not going anywhere. We see so many online businesses and blogs come and go. People are waiting to see if you will last, if your program will get results, and if they can trust you.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to make consistent content a priority in your business.

1 | Education

Educational content teaches your audience something and is the first step a customer takes to buying your product or services. They need to understand their problem and how you can help solve it. This can take the form of blog posts, emails, websites, reviews, etc.

Educational content also builds your authority in your field. It sets you apart from the crowd and, over time, you become your ideal clients’ go-to resource.

2 | Visibility

SEO-optimized content on your website, YouTube, or Pinterest allows search engines to find your content and show it to more people. Without content, you’d have nowhere to place keywords, no place for your visitors to go, and no information for other websites to link back to. A backlink back to your site can encourage a visitor of another article or website to click through and learn more about you.

Once you start creating content, you can repurpose it many ways - and save yourself tons of time! So, each time you write a blog post, super valuable social media post, or email – repurpose that content onto other platforms! You have to reach people in different ways. So, if it is a blog post, you can break it up into a few social media posts, do a Facebook or YouTube video about the topic, and/or send it to your email list.

You could also reword or put a spin on content you already have and use it as a guest blog post. This allows you to get in front of another entrepreneur’s audience. (Like this post here, wink wink.)

I like to use the RULE OF THREE whenever possible: How can you use this content in 3 ways?

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3 | Connection

Your community wants connection and it is your job to give it to them.

Take Facebook, for example: Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook was meant to bring people together. It puts friends and family at the core of the experience. He wants people to stop aimlessly scrolling and instead have more meaningful conversations.

For that reason, posts that inspire back-and-forth conversations in the comments and posts that people want to share are given priority in the newsfeed.

Use storytelling to draw people in and set yourself apart from others in the industry.

People care more about WHY you do something more than what you do.

Facebook groups are becoming quite popular as a way for entrepreneurs to stay in touch with their ideal clients. And Facebook likes groups because they are communities where interactions happen.

Not only that, but hosting your own Facebook group allows you to make deep connections with the people in your group.

We want to build an online business to scale. But clients want to feel a connection before they buy. A Facebook group is a great way to scale connections.

You have the opportunity to show up, answer questions, and gain your potential clients' know, like, and trust much quicker than multiple one-on-one phone calls.

When someone joins your Facebook group, they basically go from a cold lead to a pretty darn warm one very quickly.

Provide a ton of value but offer free content strategically. You can run challenges and trainings around specific topics, include a free opt-in related to those trainings, and then pitch a product or service that will continue to solve a problem for your group members.

When you provide a ton of value to the people in your group, you then earn the right to make a sales plug every now and then.

Please note, you should not be spending too much of your time in your free group. You do want to show up, provide value, and be consistent, but it should not become a time-suck.

You can grab 20 FREE done-for-you fitness and nutrition social media posts here.

Use these to build your authority, increase engagement, show up consistently, and save you a TON of time!

Here are a few sample posts that tend to get a lot of engagement in a Facebook group or personal page.

“Would you rather eat 2 times a day or 5 times a day?”

“Share a picture of your child, pet, whatever you love!”

“What is the worst piece of nutrition advice you have ever received?”

Closing Thoughts

Consistency is crucial for businesses and even more crucial for startups.

People want to know what to expect. Too much jumping around or inconsistencies cause confusion. Doubts cause confusion. And confusion is dangerous for a business because people do nothing.

“A confused mind always says no.”

And as marketer Seth Godin had said, “Consumers are too good at sniffing out inconsistencies…”

My final parting words for you...

Success is a series of small choices, consistency, and TIME.
It is coming up with a plan, taking ACTION on it, and making tweaks as you go.

It is a great time to be an entrepreneur! ;)


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