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How To Audit Your Online Course Launch (This Debrief Will Show You How Successful Your Launch Was!)

Learn how to do an in depth launch audit for your online course and use the data from the audit to create a sales funnel that brings in revenue every moth for your business on this recorded video mini-training.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Online Course (Especially with a small list!)

EVEN WITH A SMALL LIST, you can sell your online course or membership program like hotcakes, but you have to know which 4 COSTLY mistakes to avoid first.

Watch this livestream mini training where I taught all about the 4 costly mistakes to avoid when promoting your online course or program. (Making these mistakes is like piling up a bunch of hundred dollar bills and setting them on fire!)

How To Create Consistent Social Media Content For Your Business

How To Create Consistent Social Media Content For Your Business

Starting an online business is exciting, scary, and challenging.

We are fortunate to have social media and the internet at our fingertips. While it sure beats cold calling and doing door-to-door sales, the market is crowded and it is harder than ever to be “seen” online.

We have to constantly get in front of our ideal clients and make connections with them if we want to stay in business. And the consistent content you create will establish that connection and build a relationship.