The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Clients For Your Wellness Business

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Clients for your Wellness Business

My week started the way most weeks do for me.

I woke up, went over my to-do list, checked my inbox, and got to work at about 5am on Monday morning.

As I was going through my emails, an exchange I had with a wellness professional over the weekend kept nagging at me, telling me:

“You need to share this, Margo! So many other people feel this way too!”

So here’s what this awesome wellness pro shared with me, because I think we can all relate and learn something from her.

She reached out to me after attending one of my recent live trainings, and she had questions about how important a well-written, robust website REALLY is to growing her wellness business.

Without dropping any names, I’ll just say that she is a hands-on, skilled healer with an awesome practice to improve her client’s health and overall wellness.

And here is what she shared:

“As of right now, my Internet presence is pretty flat, and I have convinced myself that this is OK Facebook page and website are just for a little bit of credibility. I am not looking to gain clients through these vehicles because someone told me early on in my business, which is five years old, that I should just rely on word-of-mouth….”

And she asked me what I thought about her situation.

Now, before you pass any judgements, this lady has been in business for 5 years and has thought her business through. She’s gotten the best advice she can for her unique situation, followed it, and is noticing the results and reaching out for more help. (Haven’t we all been there, trying to find the best resources we can in areas of our business that aren’t our own zone of genius?)

So of course, I quickly replied to her with my input, and I want to summarize it for you all as well, because I think this amazing lady’s questions drive straight at the Best-Kept Secret to Getting Clients for your Wellness Business.

I’ll share my reply, and see if you can guess what that Best-Kept Secret is…

Here’s what I told her:

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Clients For Your Wellness Business

Now, she could have replied saying: “I don’t have time to update my website! It’s too much work! I want to get clients some other way!” (I’ve heard all of those excuses before, and I usually don’t see much growth from those folks who weren’t willing to invest time into their writing and marketing…)

But you know what she said?

“Hi Margo, Thanks for your reply! ... Yes, I think that putting some effort into my online presence will do me some good.  I'm ready to take my business to the next level, and  I think it would be foolish to keep things stagnant this department.”

BOOM, that is growth, people.

She realized her area for improvement, and decided to take action.


Not in a year, not "When the time seems right," but to start right now and improve as she goes.

So, in case you didn’t already guess what it is...

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Clients for Your Wellness Business?

It's Assembling, Launching, and Promoting your amazingly-written website to leverage new client inquiries.

That is my secret sauce. 

If it seems obvious, well, it is.

If it seems easy, well, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT easy.

I’ll be honest with you here.

When I launched my first website, like I shared in that email, I had no clue what I was doing. And it showed. It showed in my mediocre engagement results, and it showed in my lack of new clients.

What I needed was a structured system to not only write and design my website, but a system for writing every single email, social media post, and PR article to promote it and get the kind of traffic necessary to boost my engagement and get new clients.

And I couldn’t find that system anywhere at the time.

So, I created the system myself, and I’d love to share it with you.

Can you relate to this amazing lady’s story?

>>> Have you been convincing yourself that a website that funnels new clients straight into your booking calendar “isn’t a priority,” “won’t work for your business,” or “doesn’t apply to you?”

>>> Has a friend or mentor told you that a website isn’t important for your business, but you’re realizing maybe you need to let go of old advice and step into a new future for your business? 

It’s time to let go of your old mindset that held you back in the past.

Now that you understand how essential a writing + promotion system for your website is to the future of your business, what do you plan to do about it?

You can learn more about my system for assembling, launching, and promoting your wellness website right here: